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Санкт-Петербургское государственное казенное учреждение "Агентство внешнего транспорта"

The Cargo Weight Control And Infrastructure Department

21 ноября 2018



  • Development and realization of activities, aimed at the organization of freight transport traffic in order to increase its safety and general road capacity;
  • Development, implementation and management of the supervision system for freight vehicle traffic on St. Petersburg roads;
  • Development and realization of activities on the limitation of freight traffic on St. Petersburg roads;
  • Provision for design, construction, re-construction, maintenance, including major maintenance, and exploitation of weight control points; purchase and exploitation of mobile weight control points;
  • Provision of services on the definition of weight and size parameters for vehicles;
  • Weighing of vehicles and fixation of weighing results;
  • Provision for issuance of special permits for usage of St. Petersburg roads to vehicles transporting heavyweight and (or) oversized cargo.


Management Structure

  • Weight Control Management Phone: 576-07-64
  • Department on Weight Control Phone: 576-07-64
  • “Shushary” weight control sector Phone: 451-15-94
  • “Osinovaya Rosha” weight control sector Phone: 516-86-79